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The Dynabook Difference

Over 37 Years’ Experience in Education

Dynabook laptops were the first to be used in schools across Australia and New Zealand. Since then, we’ve partnered continuously with educators to develop even better products and have delivered over 100,000 mobile computers into the hands of students and staff to enhance teaching and learning.

Committed to Education

Within Australia and New Zealand, the team at Dynabook work closely with the public and private education sectors across a wide range of school types and sizes.

Unrivalled Mastery

Dynabook is the only major laptop manufacturer with the ability to write its own BIOS, develop, engineer, manufacture and extensively test laptops in-house to optimise system components whilst providing security and quality simply found nowhere else.

Remarkable engineering produces remarkable reliability

Durability is one thing. Reliability is another. Dynabook’s focus on design, engineering and build quality delivers devices that are best-in class. Dynabook’s reliability minimises disruption for school IT managers, students, and staff by helping improve learning outcomes and reduces the total cost of ownership.

A Balance between Style and Substance

You can see and feel the seamless integration of functionality with design excellence, an important consideration for acceptance by students and staff.

What students need

Learners need reliable, durable laptops that minimise downtime, maximise productivity and ideally, prepare them for life beyond the classroom. Dynabook’s education range delivers devices to suit every school and students from Year 5 to Year 12.

For the IT Manager

Dynabook’s education range includes, but is not limited to education friendly features such as:
- Ease of deployment with common BIOS, firmware, imagery, and asset tagging.
- Advanced remote management features and security features built in.
- Tested using MIL-STD-810H methodology.

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Portégé X40L

Incredible Performance. Unbelievably Lightweight.
The Portégé® X40L-K from Dynabook takes premium, high-performance computing to new extremes. Starting at 1.05kg and measuring in at 15.9mm thin, the Portege X40L-K easily goes anywhere without weighing you down. Powered by new hybrid architecture 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, up to 32GB of LPDDR5 memory and Wi-Fi 6E, this laptop delivers unprecedented performance and battery life.
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  • FROM 1,05 KG
  • UP TO 11 HOURS

Portégé X30L

Hyper-light, fully featured 13.3” notebook.
The hyperlight Portégé® X30L-K from Dynabook proves premium performance and build quality doesn’t have to weigh you down. Weighing as little as 906 grams, this stylish 13” Windows laptop features 13th Gen hybrid-architecture Intel® Core™ processors, up to 32GB of LPDDR5 memory, and an IGZO or multi-touch display.
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  • FROM 906 GRAMS
  • UP TO 11 HOURS

Portégé X30W

13.3” 2-in-1 convertible notebook/tablet.
The ultra-bright 13.3” multi-touch display and Windows Ink® create a high-performance canvas for creative freedom. By using a digital pen or your finger Windows Ink® supports the writing and drawing on your laptop screen. With new full performance 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors with new hybrid architecture, and up to 32GB of LPDDR5 memory, this Intel® Evo™ platform 2-in-1 convertible laptop is faster and more efficient than ever!
View the X30W range

  • FROM 989 GRAMS
  • UP TO 10 HOURS


Skills for Innovation in an Evolving Job Market

We have entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With it comes a world where change is the only constant. A McKinsey & Company market study forecasts that by 2030, up to 30 percent of the hours worked globally today could be automated. Remote work has spiked in popularity, creating demand for new types of skills.

Our educational systems are tasked with preparing young people for a job market with an almost universal demand for technology skills. An increased emphasis on creativity and higher-order thinking skills fosters innovation and differentiates humans from machines.

The future will demand a range of skills that include:

  • Analytical thinking and innovation
  • Active learning and learning strategies
  • Creativity, originality, and initiative
  • Technology design and programming
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Complex problem solving
  • Leadership and social influence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Reasoning, problem solving, and ideation
  • Systems analysis and evaluation

Using technology to access and consume content in and outside the classroom is no longer enough. Students need devices, tools, and training to understand, analyse, problem solve, and ultimately create solutions never imagined before. As a global leader in technology and innovation, Intel is committed to working with decision-makers and educational leaders worldwide to address these challenges.

Ready for the world’s toughest customers

Schools are recognised as one of the most demanding environments for laptops. Students use their devices frequently, move between classrooms throughout the day, travel to and from home. The risk of drops, impacts or other accidents is ever present. That’s why the devices selected for the Dynabook education range have durability built in.

Pushed to the limits: MIL-STD-810H.

MIL-STD-810H was defined by the US Department of Defence to give manufacturers a set of standards to reach in designing devices for their use. Naturally, the tests are tough and cover a variety of extreme conditions.

  • PROLONGED HEAT: cycling between 30° - 60° C in a sealed environment for 24 hours x 7 cycles.
  • HUMIDITY: 10 days in an environment of 95% humidity.
  • RAPID TEMPERATURE CHANGE: from -20° to 60° C in 6 hours


Dynabook ANZ works with many schools across a wide range of sizes, affiliations and locations. They’re familiar with requirements and responsive to requests. Ask Dynabook’s team for help with:

  • Pre-sale product insights and technical support.
  • Prompt delivery of test devices and accessories
  • Technical trials and product testing and certification procedures.
  • Hardware, software, network and security matters.
  • Customised finance, accessories, warranties, service and support packages.
  • Device configuration and pre-loading SOEs.
  • Large scale and remote deployments, including direct delivery.
  • Device buybacks.

We are industry leaders in innovative technology based educational platforms. Our experienced team can help you find the right products for your school. We recommend Intel® Core™ processors for dynamic learning.

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