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What makes the best laptop for working from home?


The days of separate home and work devices are fading into the past as hybrid and remote working models rapidly transform the business world.

There’s a growing expectation that employees will have access to a portable device that supports the work they need to perform. An increasing number of companies are styling themselves BYOD - bring your own device - and including provisions for accessing the necessary equipment into their terms of employment.

This shift is equally driven by the expectations and preferences of the wider workforce. According to a study by Buffer, 97% of workers worldwide want to work remotely for at least some of the time for the rest of their career.

Here's our take on what makes the best laptop for working from home:

Reliable performer with hours of battery life

One of the benefits of hybrid and remote work is that it frees you from the need to sit at a desk for eight hours a day. The flexibility of the new model, and the ability to work from wherever you are, has been embraced by many in the workforce.

Some want to be able to attend their children’s sporting and school events and bring their work with them. Others value the freedom to travel while they work. Whichever group you fall into, there will be times when charging your device may be an issue - cords get forgotten and power outlets aren’t always available on demand.

That’s why you need to choose a laptop with reliable power performance and an extended battery life. You need to feel secure in the knowledge that your fully charged laptop can get you through a full working day without assistance. Always check the projected battery life in varied circumstances before making a selection.

A fully featured laptop will enable you to work smart from anywhere at any time.

Sufficient storage - is 4GB enough to work from home?

Insufficient built-in memory and storage is a common cause of anxiety and stress for those working on the go.

In a remote working environment, nearly all communication and collaboration is conducted virtually. This usually means downloading, saving and storing more data than you would have done previously. Many of the programs, apps and services that remote workers need to perform their jobs also take up valuable hard drive space (see our range of devices with high memory).

When making the shift to remote work, we recommend checking how much storage you currently use on your main work device. Then, select a laptop with greater storage capacity because you’re going to need it!

Easy to carry

A work-from-home laptop must be genuinely portable. As we touched on earlier, remote workers aren’t always sitting comfortably at their desks. When you’re out and about, or in the field, you need a laptop that’s easy to carry.

Size, weight and the availability of good travel accessories should all be taken into account before making a purchase. Remote workers need a laptop that allows them to go about their business in style (check out the lightest laptop on the market).

Be plugged in - good work-from-home accessories

From headphones to removable hard-drives and portable charging banks, you need a laptop that supports whatever accessories you need to deliver your best. This might mean checking there are sufficient ports to accommodate your plug-in accessories, or that the laptop you choose is compatible with any other hardware you’re required to use.

The technical term is hardware cohesion, and it’s an important aspect of enabling a connected remote workforce. If remote devices support common accessories and components, it’s easier for team members to collaborate.

Hardware cohesion allows remote teams to readily:

  • backup files
  • obtain essential files
  • transfer information.

The best laptops for remote work will allow you to connect whatever you need to perform your work efficiently.

A great screen - an optimal viewing experience

Remote work can sometimes feel isolating for those who thrive on regular engagement with colleagues. A great laptop screen, with high display quality, that can handle graphic-intensive tasks like video collaboration and content editing, is critical.

A laptop that accommodates quality colour performance is also essential for people who spend long hours in front of a screen. Not being able to accurately assess content due to the performance of your laptop screen will hinder your productivity.

Furthermore, a high quality webcam combined with a high-spec screen can help create a sense of connection and immediacy when collaborating with colleagues.

Knowing what makes the best work-from-home laptop ensures you get the most out of your remote working experience. No matter what type of work you do for a living, you need to be equipped with the tools that allow you to perform your job well.

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