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How do I download and install drivers?


Drivers are small pieces of software that allow all of the components inside your computer to communicate with your Windows® operating system. As software and products change, it is sometimes necessary to update your drivers so that your computer may continue to function at its very best.

You may find drivers for your Toshiba computer from here.

1. From the Download Centre; select your computer from the list.

NOTE: Product family and model information can be found on the bottom of your computer on the large gray or black Toshiba sticker.

2. Select Go.

3. Once you have found the appropriate driver from the list; click on the link under the category Download File.

4. Select Save File.

5. Once the file is finished downloading, double click on the downloaded file to open. You will be asked if you want to extract this file; follow the prompts to do this.

6. When the file is extracted; open the folder.

7. Double click on the setup.exe file.

8. Follow the prompts to install the driver.

Further Troubleshooting

I can not find where my files have been extracted to.

By default files are extracted to c:\temp. If you can not find these files in the Temp folder, you may need to re-run the extracting process, during this process the computer will tell you where the files are being extracted to.

I am given the option to Run or Save my driver, what should I select?

Many of the new drivers released by Toshiba are auto-extracting; if you select the option to Run your computer will automatically run these files when they¿ve been downloaded.

There is no setup.exe file in the extracted folder.

In some cases you can use the Device Manager Update Driver function to apply driver updates.

1. From Device Manager; right click on the device that you need to update the driver. Select update.

2. Follow the prompts to install downloaded drive

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