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I'm experiencing issues after upgrading to Windows 10

Please ensure the latest drivers for Windows 10 are up to date. To do this follow the below instructions:
This includes recommended app / driver updates and actions that need to be taken after upgrading

1. Update your current version of Windows 10 by using Windows Update.

a. Select Settings in start menu box, or open Action Center and select All settings.
NOTE: To open the start menu press the Windows Key on the keyboard or tablet.

b. Select Update & security.

c. Select the Window Update tab, and select Advanced options.

d. Set Choose How updates are installed as Automatic (recommended).

e. Go back to Windows Update and check for updates.

2. Run the TOSHIBA Service Station to update any programs needed for Windows 10.
NOTE: You may need to restart your device before continuing the next step.

3. Open the Windows Store by selecting the Store icon on the Start Menu.

4. Check for updates in the upper right area of the store screen (indicated by an arrow-down icon) and install any updates available.

5. Your Windows 10 upgrade is now complete.

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