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Where do I find information on how to use my computer?

One of the main sources of information on how to use and look after your computer is the User Guide. Your user guide can be found on the desktop of your computer.

Common information provided includes:

- Getting Started
- The Grand Tour
- Hardware, Utilities and Options
- Operating Basics
- The Keyboard
- Power and Power-up Modes
- HW Setup and BIOS Setup
- Troubleshooting

You may also find in-depth information on the specifications of the machine included in the Appendixes.

Further Troubleshooting

I need help using my Windows® Operating System

If you need further information or assistance of how to use such things as the Windows operating system on your computer; you may find the Help and Support function of your computer helpful. This is built into your operating system; it can be accessed from your Start menu.

1. Click on Start.
2. Select Help and Support.
You may also like to visit the Toshiba User Forums.

Toshiba User Forums provide customers a platform in which to discuss aspects of their Toshiba computers with other users. This also provides the opportunity for you to obtain advice and support from other Toshiba customers over the internet.

I can not find my User Guide on the Desktop of my computer.

You can also find this document on your C: drive in a folder called DOCS

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