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How to do a system recovery on your Encore tablet using the USB recovery drive


1. USB Flash Drive containing system recovery data. This article assumes that you have previously created a USB Recovery Drive using the Advanced Recovery Tools in Windows Control Panel. If you have not created your USB Recovery Drive, launch the Recovery Media Creator by typing “Create a recovery drive’ at the Start Screen and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you can purchase one from Toshiba (cost is based on media, postage and handling). Contact the Toshiba Support Centre on 13 30 70 (Australia) or 0800 445 439 (New Zealand) Monday to Friday, 8AM to 6PM (AEST), excluding national public holidays.

2. USB adapter cable (Micro-USB Male to Mini USB Female).
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Please ensure that your data is backed-up and secured prior to doing this procedure. Repair to the goods may result in loss of the data. It includes, for example, songs, photos, telephone numbers and electronic documents. Toshiba recommends that you back up and secure your data prior sending the goods for repair or service.

1. Insert USB Flash Drive (via the USB Adapter Cable, a USB hub may be needed)

2. While the tablet is powered off, hold the VOL UP button and POWER button simultaneously for 5 seconds.

3. Choose “USB Memory” at the Boot Menu

4. Choose ‘US’ Keyboard Layout
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5. Select ‘Troubleshoot’
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6. Select 'Reset your PC'
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7. Select ‘Windows 8.1’

8. Select ‘Next’ at the ‘Here’s what will happen’ screen
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9. Select ‘Yes’, repartition the drives

10. Select ‘Just remove my files’
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11. Select ‘Reset’

12. If a TPM message appears, press ‘Yes’

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