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I’m unable to connect to my 3G network on my AT100 tablet

When attempting to connect to your 3G network using an AT100 3G model it displays the following error message:

"Unable to connect to the network at this time, please try again later"

An update is available that may resolve this issue; this can be applied by following the instructions below.

You will need internet connection to install this update. Your tablet can connect to a 802.11g network even if the 3G isn’t working (assuming that you have access to a wireless access point).

Please note: Whilst installing this patch using Toshiba Service Station will not return your AT100 to an out of the box state (i.e. your data will not be removed) Toshiba still recommends that you backup your data to an external storage device such as a SD card before running the update.

1. Open your Apps page.

2. Select your Toshiba Service Station.

3. If you are prompted to do so, accept the Service Station terms and conditions.

4. Select “Check for Updates”.

5. An update “AT100 3G OS update for - v3.2.1” should appear on the list.

6. Follow the instructions to apply the update.

To verify that the update has installed successfully please do the following:

1. Power on the AT100.

2. Select Settings.

3. Tap About Tablet.

4. Verify that the build number is HTK55D.33.5.0007.

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