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My computer is restarting on its own

In Windows 7 your computer has a mode built-in that will automatically restart if an error occurs, if this is happening constantly there may be a further issue that needs to be addressed.

To find out exactly what is occurring you will need to turn off this mode to show the actual error. Instructions on how to do this are below:

1. Open your Start menu and right click on “Computer” and select Properties.

2. Click on Advanced System Settings.

3. Click on the Advanced tab if this isn’t already selected.

4. Under the heading “Startup and Recovery” select Settings.

5. Under the heading “System failure” untick the box “Automatically restart”.

6. The next time the error occurs on your computer it will show on the screen until you restart .

7. If this error does occur take note of the 0x number under Technical information and go to to place a request for further support.

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