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How do I enable NVIDIA® 3D Vision™?

NVIDIA® 3D Vision™, which is provided with some models, enables the 3D Vision feature on your computer.

Read the “SAFETY INFORMATION” manual in the 3D Vision box before you or your child use the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™.

Please note: 3D Vision can work with an internal LCD or external display that support 3D Vision via external display port. When you connect external display that doesn’t support 3D Vision, please disable 3D Vision.

Setup 3D Vision

1. Click on your Start Menu.

2. Select All Programs.

3. Select NVIDIA Corporation folder.

4. Select the 3D Vision folder.

5. Select Enable 3D Vision.

6. Select 3D Vision as the setup that you wish to use; select Next.

7. Connect your IR emitter; select Next.

Please note: Some newer model computers have the IR emitter built into the screen; in this case this doesn't need to be connected.

8. Select the gaming environment that is appropriate; select Next.

9. Computer will now detect 3D device, once this is found select Next.

10. Press the On button on your 3D glasses; select Next.

11. Complete the hardware setup test by following the prompts; select Next.

12. Select Yes or No depending on whether you’ve noticed a flicker in your peripheral vision or not; select Next.

13. Complete the stereoscopic 3D test as advised; select Next.

14. Your setup is now complete; select Finish.

Further Troubleshooting

How do I play 3D Blu-ray movies?

Assuming that you’ve followed the setup guide above and 3D Vision is enabled on your computer; follow the instructions below to play a 3D Blu-ray.

1. Connect your IR emitter.

2. Turn on your 3D glasses using the on button.

3. Place the 3D Blu-ray disk in the disk drive.

4. Click on your Start Menu.

5. Select All Programs.

6. Select the Corel folder.

7. Select Corel WinDVD BD.

Once the disk loads on the initial setup menu select Play Movie; you will then be asked if you want to play the movie in 3D or 2D; select 3D to play.

I’m getting the error “3D Experience Requires 3D enabled TV and player”.

If this is the case then you will need to update your NVIDIA display drivers and the WinDVD 8 Blu-ray player which can be found here.

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