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How do I connect and use my Intel Wireless Display?

Please note: The Intel® Wireless Display is only supported on the Toshiba Satellite E200/006. For full product information you may go here.

Connecting your Intel® Wireless Display to your Television

1. Firstly connect the Netgear PTV1000 to the TV, either via the provided HDMI or via Composite cables (Not Provided)

Please note: These can be connected simultaneously; however the resolution and quality will differ.

2. After connecting the unit to the TV, switch to the appropriate input and power on the Push2TV Device, this will display a code on the device.

Opening Intel Wireless Display on the Laptop

1. Select the Auto Connect button on your computer.

Please note: If you don’t have an Auto connect button you will need to do the following:

a) Click on your Start Menu

b) Type Intel Wireless Display into the search field.

c) In the search results click Intel Wireless Display.

Scanning for Adapters

1. After opening Intel® Wireless Display (or after agreeing to the license), the application begins scanning for available adapters and the status reads Scanning for Adapters.

Detected Adapter

1. After the scan is complete, any adapters in range will be displayed in the Detected adapter’s field. If your adapter is not detected, click the Scan for available adapter’s button.

2. To connect the laptop to the TV, click once on the adapter and then click the Connect button. (If there are multiple adapters detected, use the ID to find the adapter.)

3. When connecting, the laptop and TV screens both read Connecting... If the laptop status reads Connecting... and the TV screen still reads Ready for Connection, click the Cancel connect button and try connecting again. If this does not work, the connection may be blocked by a firewall.

4. A number prompt will appear on the notebook when connecting:

5. The numbers on your TV will be different. Type the numbers from your TV into the field displayed on your laptop screen. The Security configuration successful TV message indicates a correct security code entry.

6. After entering the security code, you may type a new descriptive name for the adapter. This description will be used to identify the Adaptor when searching using the Intel Wireless Display adaptor detection.

Using the Intel Wireless Display Once Connected

After the unit has successfully connected to the Adaptor, a display will appear on the TV as a mirrored display of that which appears on the Notebook. All applications and normal usage of the notebook will be present on the TV when this feature is active.

When using the software be aware that a delay will appear on the TV when using applications and moving the mouse around the desktop. This can be up to 3-5secs depending on the application. Video Playback can be choppy, DVD and Blu-Ray Playback is not supported when using Wireless Display.

Resolutions up to 1280x720 are supported for display on the external screen over HDMI, resolutions for composite are restricted to a max of 576i (720x576).

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