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How do I check for unknown devices on my computer?

If you would like to confirm if all of your drivers have been installed on your computer, you may do this through Device Manager with the instructions below.

1. Click on your Start Menu.

2. Select Control Panel.

3. If not already enabled select Classic View (Windows Vista) or View by: Large Icons (Windows 7).

4. Select Device Manager.

5. If asked if you want to continue select Continue.

6. A window like the one below will now open, This shows a list of all of your installed devices.

7. If there are any devices under Other devices, then the drivers for that hardware are not yet installed, or have not been installed successfully.

8. The first time you plug in, for example, a 3G USB Modem, you will see the device under Other devices, before you install the driver.

Please note: Most devices that you plugin to your computer should come with a disk that contains the drivers that you need to install.

If you need copies of your Toshiba drivers you may go here.

Full instructions on how to download and install your Toshiba drivers can also be found here.

Further Troubleshooting

What are drivers?

Drivers are small programs that allow your Windows operating system to ‘talk’ to all of the installed devices in your computer.

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