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How do I test the hardware on my computer?

You can test the hardware for faults in your Toshiba laptop by using a program called Toshiba Diagnostic Tools.

Information provided by the Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool:

* Basic Information which gives information of the laptop which is useful to technicians.
* Diagnostic Tool, which can be used to diagnose if there is a problem with a device in the laptop.

You may use this program by following the steps below.

1. Click on Start.

2. Select All Programs.

3. Select the TOSHIBA folder.

4. Select the Utilities folder.

5. Click on PC Diagnostic Tools.

6. From here you can select the devices that you would like to test and then click on Start Diagnostics.

7. Upon completion the results will be displayed.

8. Once the test has finished, you may save the results in a folder by clicking on Save Result.

9. To access saved results click on View Saved Results.

10. If any of the results have failed; restart the computer and try the tests again if these fail a second time you may need to contact Toshiba for service.

Service bookings can be placed online here at (Australia) or (New Zealand).

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