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Does my computer have a built in 3G Modem?

Many Toshiba notebook computers now have 3G Modems installed. To find out if yours has this feature you will need to check your product specifications (found using the links below).

Please note: Your computer has 3G built-in only if the product specifications specifically state Built-in 3G Mobile Broadband in the Communication section.

Please refer to the product specification sheet for your model on the links below


If you cannot find your model using the links above, you may also check Device Manager on your notebook using the steps below.

1. Click on your Windows Start Menu.

2. Select Control Panel.

3. If not enabled select Classic View (Vista) or View by: Large Icons (Windows 7).

4. Select Device Manager.

5. If asked, select Continue.

6. If you have a 3G modem built into your computer you will be able to find it on this list under the category Modems (see below).

Please note: Actual description as shown in Device Manager may differ slightly between models
If you cannot locate your model from the above steps, please contact Toshiba on 13 30 70 (Australia) or 0800 445 439 (New Zealand) for assistance.

Further Information

My notebook has a SIM card symbol; can I install a SIM card?

If the product specification sheet does not state Built-in 3G Mobile Broadband then you cannot install the SIM card into your notebook.

What if the product specifications does not state that it has Built-in 3G Mobile Broadband but the SIM card symbol appears on my computer, can I install the SIM card?

No, in this case you still cannot insert your SIM card into your computer.

Can I upgrade my notebook to have a built-in 3G Modem?

Currently Toshiba do not offer this service, if you would like to use 3G you will need to use an external modem. Please contact your preferred Internet Service Provider for further details.

If I have already inserted my SIM card into a notebook with out a built in 3G modem what should I do if I am unable to retrieve it.

Please refer to your nearest Toshiba Mobilecare service centre or authorised service provider to assist in retrieving your SIM card. A minimum service charge will apply to retrieve your SIM card.

Bookings can be placed online here at or your may contact your nearest Authorised Service Provider using the following links: (Australia)

or (New Zealand)

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