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How do I set up my TV Tuner?

Please note that this only applies to computers that have a TV tuner card built-in.

1. Click on Start

2. Select All Programs

3. Select Windows Media Centre

4. Select Tasks (Settings)

5. Select TV

6. Select TV Signal

7. Select Setup TV Signal

Please Note: If this is the first time you are setting up your TV Signal you will be asked to connect to the internet and download the latest Media Centre updates.

8. Select Region.

9. When prompted select Yes to use this region to configure TV services; select Next.

10. Enter your postcode; select Next

11. When you’ve read the license terms and conditions; select I agree.

Please Note: At this time your computer may prompt you to download region settings; select Next

12. Choose your TV signal type; select Next.

13. Select either yes or no if you have a Set-top box; select Next.

14. Select Signal type; select Next

15. If prompted select No to setup another signal; select Next.

16. Confirm your configuration information is correct; select Next.

17. Your computer will now scan for channels. Once this scan is finished select Next.

18. Click Finish to exit.

To View TV Stations

On the Media Centre main menu select TV and then select Live TV.

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