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How do I transfer photo and music files from my computer to my Journe F801 / Tekbright Q81 photo frame?

Windows Vista

1. Connect the photo frame to the computers USB port using the cable supplied, turn the photo frame on.

2. If you are prompted with an AutoPlay window, select Open folder to view files.

3. Otherwise open the start menu and select Computer, when the window opens double click on the drive labeled Toshiba (listed under devices with removable storage).

4. You will now see a window showing the contents of the photo frame (see image below).

5. Now, you can copy photos onto the frame by dragging a photo from its location on the computer to the window showing the contents of the frame.

6. Once finished, right click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen and select Safely Remove Hardware.

7. A window will now appear with the title Safely Remove Hardware, select USB Mass Storage Device and click the Stop button.

8. A new window will appear with the title Stop a Hardware device, select TOSHIBA 8D and click the OK button.

9. You can now safely disconnect the USB cable from the computer and photo frame.

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