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The Sound on my Blu-ray disks isn’t working properly when playing through HDMI

When connecting to a LCD TV using HDMI and allowing the video and audio to be sent via HDMI only some audio from Blu-ray discs may be heard when using the WinDVD Software. Audio may only be heard from the menu and languages other than English.

Please note: This only applies to Toshiba notebook computers supplied with a Blu-ray drive. If you’re not sure if you have this you may check your computer’s specifications here.

This can be fixed by adjusting the settings within the WinDVD Software to allow all audio signals to pass through HDMI.

1. Open BD WinDVD Player from Toshiba without a Blu-Ray Disc in the Machine.

2. Right click the player to open the menu and select Setup.

3. Click the Audio Tab.

4. In Advanced Audio Settings; untick the following Option (Digital Out) output primary audio only.

5. Tick the following Option (Digital Out) disable audio bypass to external processor.

6. Audio will now pass-through the HDMI port for all channels and outputs.

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