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How to write data to a Blu-ray disk using the Windows 7® default software

Please note: This guide only applies to Toshiba notebook computers enabled with a Blu-ray burner. If you would like to confirm if your computer has this; you may find your product specifications here.

1. Place a writeable Blu-ray disk into the Blu-ray/DVD/CD drive of your computer and close the drawer.

2. From the Autoplay menu that appears, click on Burn files to disc.


i. Click on the Start menu button on the bottom left corner of the screen.

ii. Then click on Computer.

iii. Double-click on BD-RE Drive.

3. Give your disc a title by typing it in the space provided after Disc title.

4. Select the option With a CD/DVD player and click Next.

5. Drag all the files you wish to copy into this folder.

6. Click on Burn to disc on the top left hand side of this folder.

7. Select recording speed (Optional).

8. Click Next to start burning the disc.

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