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How do I install my Windows 7 upgrade without the Upgrade Assistant?

Please note: Instructions are provided for Toshiba Upgrade disks only. Upgrade will only run if you have the original Toshiba version of Vista installed on your computer. All data on the computer will be erased; it is strongly suggested that you backup all of your data before proceeding.

Please read all of the instructions before proceeding with this upgrade.

1. Insert your Toshiba upgrade disk in your CD/DVD drive.

2. Shutdown the computer.

3. Turn the computer on and press the F12 key repeatedly until you see your boot menu.

4. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, select CD/DVD drive and press Enter.

5. Once the disk has loaded a warning screen will appear. Click Ok.

6. Select your Language to install; your Time and Currency format and your Keyboard or input method (US is recommended). Select Next.

7. After reading the License Terms; select “I accept the license terms”; select Next.

8. Select Custom (advanced).

9. The recommended Disk Partition will be automatically selected for you (this is normally your disk 0 Partition 2). Make sure this is highlighted and then select Next.

10. Click Ok on the warning screen.

Your computer will now upgrade to Windows 7 without the Toshiba software or drivers.

After this process is complete you will need to download and install your Windows 7 drivers. These can be found here

Instructions on how to download and install drivers may be found here.

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