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Why should I backup my data?

If you have information on your computer that you would miss if it was gone, you need to back it up. Sensitive documents, large music files, DVD images, movies, disk images, and even your whole hard drive, can all be kept securely and safely on an external hard drive.

Having a backup ensure that if your hard drive fails or your data is corrupted you have a copy safely stored independently from your computer. It is also a way to easily take your data with you in case of an emergency such as a bush fire.

CD's are another way to back up your data. They have the advantage of being much less expensive per CD than an external drive and are more portable. Remember that you will need to have many CD's and a good filing system to keep your system regularly backed up.

NOTE: If after following the above steps, you would like further assistance in backing up your data, we recommend you visit Gizmo*, a 3rd party support company, at

*Gizmo is an external company providing computer support for a fee. No fix no fee applies. Toshiba accepts no responsibility for any services or advice obtained.

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