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How do I restore my Notebook that has frozen or does not turn on?

Your notebook may be frozen or held in a hibernation/standby mode, and unable to be resume into Windows.


- Power light illuminated but nothing appears on your internal LCD screen.
- Does not resume from standby/hibernation mode.
- Notebook frozen while in use and no response from keyboard or mouse.
- No LED illumination appearing on the front of your notebook.


- Check the AC adapter is connected to both your notebook and 240V mains power. (Note: AC adapter should be warm after connected for 10min)

- If the power indicator light does not illuminate on the front of your notebook, try a different power point.

- Press the power button to see if internal LCD screen powers on.

- If nothing appears on your internal LCD screen hold down the power button on the notebook for ten (10) seconds to force a power reset.

- Power on your notebook and if the issue remains (after following the above) refer to the below steps:

1. For Satellite or Satellite Pro C50-B/L50-B/S50-B models (with Internal Non-Removable Batteries), your notebook may require service. Refer to

2. For Internal Non-Removable Batteries with the option to force a power reset via a pin hole on the base of your notebook.

a) Refer to diagrams below on where to locate the pin hole for your notebook. If it does not work, your notebook may require service. Refer to

b) Depending on your model the pin hole could be found at the following locations.

Note: For accurate location of reset pin hole, refer to your user’s manual via

3. For notebooks with a removable battery:

a) Remove the main power cord from the notebook if it is plugged in.

b) Remove the battery (see your user guide for instructions on removing your battery).

c) Plug the main power back in; leaving the battery out.

d) Turn your notebook on by pressing the power button.

e) When prompted use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select Start Windows Normally; press Enter.

f) Windows should now load normally.

g) You may reinsert the battery back into your notebook; however you should only do so when the notebook is completely powered off and the main power cord has been unplugged.

If the above steps do not work, your notebook may require service. Refer to

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