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No sound in Windows or very low volume

To confirm if the volume is not muted or set to a low setting you can do the following steps:

1. Left click on the speaker icon at the bottom right corner of the screen (next to the time and date).

2. Confirm that the speaker icon is not muted (red cross through the picture).

3. Drag the volume slider bar up if necessary.

Please note: This can also be done by tapping the touch media button for + volume above the keyboard or holding down the Fn key and pressing the number 4 (dependant on model).

If these steps do not fix the issue you can right click on the speaker icon and select Playback Devices. It will open a new window that has a larger speaker icon that had a green tick next to it. This will indicate that the sound driver is installed and working correctly. You can test the sound output by right clicking on the speaker icon and selecting Test.

If there is no speaker icon showing up in Playback Devices it may relate to the Audio Driver not working correctly. You can reinstall the Audio Driver for your unit by following the instructions here.

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