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How do I get the best performance out of my wireless router?

Wireless routers allow you to connect to your internet where ever you are, but they do have some limitations and guidelines for making them work their best. Some normal household appliances can interfere with the signal which may cause drop outs and poor performance. Keep the router at least 2m away from your microwave and cordless phone to minimise interference.

If you have a house or apartment which is made of solid materials such as concrete or double brick you may find the range is less than you would like, especially if the signal has to travel around corners or to another floor. Try to position the router to cover the largest area possible.

NOTE: If after following the above steps, you would like further assistance with your wireless modem/router, we recommend you visit Gizmo*, a 3rd party support company, at

*Gizmo is an external company providing computer support for a fee. No fix no fee applies. Toshiba accepts no responsibilityfor any services or adivce obtained.

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