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Battery not holding charge, short battery life, or does not last according to specification.

Toshiba uses a worldwide accepted benchmark program called (Mobile mark®) to determine battery life for each notebook model. Battery life is tested based on benchmark productivity suite tests which run on normal battery saving profile.

Battery life will vary depending on:

• Usage

• Settings

• Age

Battery life will also depend on what type of applications you are using. For example, if you are using the optical drive to play a DVD movie at full screen brightness and speakers set to maximum volume, your battery life will be dramatically reduced than when you are using a word processor document at half the screen brightness.

Further Troubleshooting

Another possible cause is having the Wakeup on LAN (WOL) function enabled. To avoid this, The WOL function should be disabled.

How to disable Wakeup on LAN

1. Click on Start.

2. Select All Programs.

3. Open TOSHIBA folder.

4. Open Utilities folder

5. Select Toshiba Assist.

6. Select the Optimize tab.

7.Select TOSHIBA Hardware Settings.

8. Select the LAN tab.

9. Under the heading Wake Up on LAN; select Disable.

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