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Hard Disk Drive failure and Bad sectors

The notebook's hard disk drive (HDD) is similar in design to a record player. Like a record, it is susceptible to damage through sudden shock and the disk surface can get scratched. Thereby, damaging the information held on the disk. This is the most common cause of HDD failure and is not a manufacturing defect. Users should wait for the HDD indicator light to go out before they move the computer. Additionally, take extra measures to ensure that the notebook computer is not dropped or subjected to sudden impact, even in a carrying case. Hard Drives are very expensive and the only method to secure and protect your data is to backup your data on a regular basis.

If you do experience any problems accessing information on your notebook contact a Toshiba Mobilecare centre or Authorized Service Provider or please refer to or contact Technical Support on AUS: 13 30 70 or NZ: 0800 445 439.

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