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Satellite L550/010

Satellite L550/010

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1/01/2019 Battery not holding charge, short battery life, or does not last according to specification.
6/01/2016 I'm experiencing issues after upgrading to Windows 10
20/08/2014 How do I extend my battery’s lifespan?
13/05/2014 I'm experiencing issues after upgrading to Windows 8.1
17/04/2014 What is recovery media and why should I create it?
28/03/2014 I am unable to upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8.0 on my Satellite L850D (PSDGEA-XXXXXX)
27/02/2014 Service and Support Information for the Toshiba Encore Tablet
27/02/2014 How to do a system recovery on your Encore tablet using the USB recovery drive
21/02/2014 How do I set up my Chromebook?
21/02/2014 Can I install a different operating system on my Chromebook, like Windows?
21/02/2014 How do I update drivers on a Chromebook?
21/02/2014 Why does my device that I plugged into my USB port on my Chromebook not work?
21/02/2014 Do I need to install virus protection on my Chromebook?
21/02/2014 Where can I find out the latest information on the Chrome OS updates and releases?
21/02/2014 Service and support for your Toshiba Chromebook
21/02/2014 Service and support for your Toshiba Excite Tablet
4/02/2014 Delay on the first key stroke on my Toshiba PX30t All in One computer
21/01/2014 Where do I find information on how to use my computer (User Manual)?
13/09/2013 The keyboard and touchpad on the dock of my Portege Z10t-A intermittently stop working
14/08/2013 Intermittent graphic distortion on my Satellite/Satellite Pro L840/L850
25/06/2013 Understanding System Restore, Refresh, Reset, and, Recovery options in Windows 8
25/06/2013 How to turn Windows 8 Automatic Updates on or off
11/06/2013 What is the SAR rating of my Tablet PC?
9/07/2012 I’m unable to connect to my 3G network on my AT100 tablet
26/06/2012 How to configure or troubleshoot the functions keys on my computer?
25/06/2012 How do I turn my keyboard notifications on or off on my All in One computer?
18/06/2012 How to Sync a mouse/keyboard to an All in One computer
8/05/2012 How do I set the nVidia® graphics card as preference in an Optimus™ enabled machine?
8/05/2012 My computer is restarting on its own
8/12/2011 System Recovery for Toshiba AT100 Tablet
24/10/2011 Unable to connect to Wave C*nnect 3G
5/09/2011 How do I test the Hard Drive on my computer?
8/06/2011 I am having trouble with my VPN connection when using 3G
31/03/2011 How to move your notebook safely
30/03/2011 How to get the most out of your new Toshiba notebook or Tablet PC
22/02/2011 How to handle an AC adapter properly?
22/11/2010 How do I enable NVIDIA® 3D Vision™?
30/09/2010 How do I test the hardware on my computer?
30/09/2010 How do I check for unknown devices on my computer?
30/09/2010 Extended Desktop Mode will not work on my NB series computer.
30/09/2010 How do I connect and use my Intel Wireless Display?
30/09/2010 How do I remove programs?
29/09/2010 How do I remove a Supervisor password?
8/09/2010 How do I Remove Fingerprints from the Fingerprint Scanner?
8/09/2010 How do I setup my display on an external monitor?
29/06/2010 How do I connect to Bluetooth Devices?
28/06/2010 How to enable Audio through HDMI
23/06/2010 How do I restore my computer to an earlier working state (Windows System Restore)?
3/06/2010 Does my computer have a built in 3G Modem?
19/05/2010 How do I remove a BIOS password?
18/05/2010 How to connect to my 3G network
22/02/2010 How do I change the Media Buttons on my computer?
22/02/2010 Screeching noise when I turn on my computer
11/02/2010 How do I transfer photo and music files from my computer to my Journe F801 / Tekbright Q81 photo frame?
27/01/2010 The Sound on my Blu-ray disks isn’t working properly when playing through HDMI
27/01/2010 I cannot make the Kaiser Bass USB TV Tuner work in Windows 7
25/01/2010 My Wireless is Switching off in Battery Mode
10/12/2009 Should I install a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system?
10/12/2009 What is a PCI Simple Communications Controller?
10/12/2009 How do I set up my email accounts in Windows 7?
10/12/2009 How do I set up my TV tuner?
30/10/2009 Whilst typing on the keyboard, the mouse cursor moves erratically on the screen.
28/08/2009 How do I restore my Notebook that has frozen or does not turn on?
28/08/2009 Vertical Lines on Screen
30/05/2009 How to create recovery media to be used to reset your computer back to factory settings?
18/02/2009 Where can I get support for software and out of warranty support?
17/01/2009 I cannot burn with the Windows CD writing software.
1/01/2009 No sound in Windows or very low volume
1/01/2009 Where can I find a Service Centre in my area?
1/01/2009 My notebook is locked/frozen and I cannot shut it down.
1/01/2009 I have forgotten my BIOS password, how do I unlock it?
1/01/2009 Why should I backup my data?
16/12/2008 Error - 'No Output Audio Device is Installed'.
18/11/2008 I have a Toshiba Notebook from another country; can I have it serviced in Australia or New Zealand?
16/11/2008 Toshiba Flashcards have Stopped Responding in Vista
16/11/2008 Cracked Screen
15/10/2008 My music CDs and movie DVDs skip and crackle when I play it on my notebook. However songs copied onto my computer plays fine?
18/09/2008 When I turn my computer on, it does not load into Windows®.
16/06/2008 Cannot run the Product Recovery disks after repair/Wrong Machine error message displayed
4/03/2008 When bringing my computer to an ASP (Authorized Service Provider) for service and repair, what else should I bring along other than my Toshiba notebook computer?
16/02/2008 When I type @ I get a “ and vice versa
18/01/2008 Where do I find information on how to use my computer?
18/01/2008 What is a dynadock ?
17/01/2008 My modem is not working. Gets error numbers
17/01/2008 My notebook seems to run slower after being repaired
17/01/2008 Hard Disk Drive failure and Bad sectors
17/01/2008 What is the difference between a virus, spam and spyware?
17/01/2008 When I turn my computer on, there is no display.
16/01/2008 Why is my mouse cursor not moving when using the touchpad?
16/01/2008 Why should I secure my wireless network?
16/01/2008 Keep copies of your discs
16/01/2008 Why should I run Microsoft updates?
14/01/2008 Do I need to purchase anti virus software or can I use a free product?
14/01/2008 Windows error when I turned my computer on for the first time.
14/01/2008 How do I reset my computer back to factory default state (System Recovery)?
14/01/2008 How can I connect to my wireless network?
13/01/2008 What is your typical turn-around repair time?
2/01/2008 My Optical drive (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) isn’t working.
1/01/2008 My notebook is locked/frozen and I cannot shut it down.